DFB's Stud's

All of our males are available as stud's to approved females only.

Buster has produced chocolate tris, black tris, and sable tris.

Chromeo will produce blue, blue tri's, and possibly chocolate tris.

                     Pelto's Buster (Chocolate Tri) - Pelto's Vinnie x  Pelto's Kiera

                                                           Pictured at 2.5 years old.                          Buster (2.5 years old) and Son out of Buster x Nella  (7 Weeks old)

         RIP: DFB's Midnight (Solid Black) - Immortal's Blue Rhino x Trusted's Nessi

             Pictured at  6 weeks

                Pictured at 7.5 months 

           RIP Midnight aka Big Black

Midnight passed away due at 2 years old to an allergic reaction to his annual rabies vaccine. He was an amazing example of what we strive to produce and will be forever missed by us all. Unfortunately he was never bred and his legacy ended early. This boy had the largest head piece and shoulders that we have ever seen, along with a perfectly short, bully muzzle.


McMillan's Cleveland (Chocolate Tri- Triple Carrier)